YuCheng Kuo



嗨! My name is YuCheng Kuo. I am a self-taught design engineer from Taiwan. Currently working as a UI/UX designer at Oen Tech, helping to build the software that brings engagement, fundraising, and payment together for nonprofits, campaigns and all kinds of organizations.

I am always fascinated by the connection between how technologies reshape our daily lives and how we then reshape new technologies in the future.

I value multidisciplined skills that could help people achieve their goals in a delightful and simple way. And I seek ambitious teams where together, we can create lasting and impactful experience that fulfill both user needs and business goals.


Oen Tech UI/UX, Engineering, 2021—

A CRM-driven payment platform that brings engagement, fundraising, and membership together for nonprofits, businesses, and campaigns. I worked on shipping various features and help evolving the product.


I first got into digital design and web technologies with the attempt to make school presentations more enjoyable for the audience. Due to the findings that most of the presentations are made in a relatively one-directional way, I attempted to raise the engagement by:

After those, with the lead of passionate curiosity and constant learning, I had acquired strong love of both designing feasible solutions and developing with good design.

Digital Diet

Outside of history, I'm a music listener, broadly listening to indie, R&B, alternative and some electronic. Often intended to feel when listening to music. I also love TV/film that get me smile from the bottom of my heart. Additionally, I had picked up the habits to read books (mostly non-fiction) starting in 2023 and are feeling refreshed.

This website

This site is built with basic HTML and CSS, using static site generator Lume. More details can be found in Colophon.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! ヅ