:wave: Hi, 嗨.

I'm YuCheng Kuo, a self-taught designer and engineer from Taiwan. Currently, I work as a UI/UX designer at Oen Tech, where I help build software that integrates engagement, fundraising, and payment solutions for nonprofits, campaigns, and various organizations.

I'm fascinated by the interplay between technology and our daily lives—how it reshapes our world and how we, in turn, influence its future development.

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Oen Tech Nov 2021-now
UX/UI, Engineering

Designed and implemented critical features including event check-in system, payment dashboard, streamlined checkout, new client onboarding and more. Read details

My Journey #

My passion for digital design and web technologies originated with a goal during university: to make presentations more engaging. Noticing that most presentations were one-directional, I set out to improve audience engagement by:

  • Enhancing visual appeal (exploring layout and typography)
  • Incorporating meaningful animations (discovering motion graphics)
  • Finding the right presentation tools (which led me to Prezi and Pitch, gateways to the world of web technologies.

These experiences, fueled by curiosity and continuous learning, fostered my love for both designing feasible solutions and developing with good design principles.

This Website #

This site is built using SvelteKit, with content processed and transformed by Markdoc and Velite. For more details, check out the colophon.

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Beyond work #

Outside of history, you'll find me:

  • Listening to a diverse range of music, including indie, R&B, alternative, and electronic genres. Seeking emotional connections through music.
  • Enjoying TV shows and films that bring genuine smiles to my face.
  • Reading books, primarily non-fiction—a habit I picked up that has been incredibly refreshing.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss design, technology, or any of my interests!